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Good Energy鈥檚 green partners

We know our customers choose Good Energy because they want to make a difference, and this support means we can devote time and investment towards sustainability projects.

It鈥檚 all part of what makes our renewable tariff truly green.聽At Good Energy we鈥檙e not only committed to sourcing local, sustainable electricity, we鈥檙e promising to create a sustainable future with the help of our affiliates and partners too.


Good Energy and BT are excited to work together to make a real difference to people across the world by promoting renewable energy. BT have been using clean energy in the UK since 2012, which means their customers are already helping by using BT鈥檚 environmentally friendly network.


Good Energy has been working with Friends of the Earth for over a decade. Together, we believe we can achieve a future for the UK energy market that鈥檚 powered purely by clean, green electricity generated across the country.

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The Eden Project have been Good Energy customers since 2014 and have been helping their visitors understand how their energy use affects the environment ever since.

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