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how to choose clean power that combats the climate crisis

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More and more people are looking for ways to help tackle the climate crisis. And high up on the list is switching to a renewable electricity tariff. But not all renewable electricity tariffs are the same.

Good Energy supplies renewable electricity by sourcing enough power from renewable generators to match every unit our customers use over a year.

Unfortunately, many other energy suppliers don’t do it this way. They take advantage of a loophole that means they’re able to say they sell 100% renewable electricity despite not buying any power from renewable generators.

Instead, they buy dirty power from the open market, then buy cheap green certificates to ‘greenwash’ it.

How is that possible?

For every unit of renewable power generated, OFGEM (the energy industry regulator) gives the generator a guarantee of origin certificate. Suppliers need these guarantees to be able to say the electricity they supply to their customers is renewable.

Suppliers can buy these certificates with the power they buy from renewable generators. This is what Good Energy does.

Or, suppliers can buy power from anywhere — coal, gas, nuclear. Then they can bulk-buy these green certificates from a broker, and “greenwash” the brown power they have bought for about £1 per household per year.

This means these greenwash suppliers are able to claim to sell renewable power without actually buying any. And that they are not doing their bit to support a renewable energy system.

How we do more to support renewable generators

At Good Energy we have an expert team of people that work hard to give our community of over 1400 renewable generators a fair price for their power, going the extra mile to help them keep up their good work.

We also have a team of forecasters that predict both how much electricity our generators will be producing for every half hour of the day, and how much our customers will use. To do this, they look at the weather forecast, customer usage patterns and a host of other factors and data points. This is all to make sure we’re doing everything we can to match our customers’ electricity needs with clean power. Not just over a year, but every hour, every day.

Greenwash suppliers do not need to do this. They can operate like any other brown supplier, except at the end of each year, they buy enough certificates to magically turn their brown power “green”. A model which provides no tangible support to creating a cleaner energy system, and very little value to the individual generators.

Spotting tariffs that are too good to be true

If you want to genuinely support renewable generators and help reduce the UK’s reliance on climate breakdown-causing fossil fuels, this table will help you find the right electricity tariff:

If you really want to make a difference, choose electricity that’s green by name and by nature.

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